Math Monday: Padlet in Math

Love, love, love Padlet as a tool to share ideas and thinking. It is a great tool where many ideas can be added around one concept. I am so delighted that Franki and Mandy posted this idea. I had never used or honestly even thought of using Padlet for math, but the idea is BRILLIANT! It is simple to use, easy for kids to access and a great way to share our thinking. Check out Padlet at: I would love to teach a lesson together using Padlet too!

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I don’t remember where I saw Padlet used for math but I kept the idea in the back of my head.  This week,  I wanted to start embedding technology into our work across content as a natural part of the process. I didn’t want to teach a lesson on Padlet or talk directly about the tool but I did want kids to begin to experience various tools could support thinking and learning.

So before school began, I started a padlet with the problem we’d be solving.  I didn’t share it with students yet but, as students were working on a math problem, I bopped around as I always do, looking a student work and finding a variety of strategies. I decided to take photos of 4 students’ work and…

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