Tools for Teaching

The “Great Ideas” or “innovation” part of my brain sometimes feels like it is running on empty.  As a teacher I appreciate people who share their great ideas, then keep them in one handy place so they can be accessed when I get back to them.  One of my colleagues recently shared The Teacher Toolkit site with me as we were planning a way to reflect on new learning with the teachers we support.

I loved the organizer that we used as it validated the thinking in our current practice and allowed ideas to circle around to create new thinking.

In digging into the site a little deeper, it is a treasure of information and resources, with videos explaining how to use each resource and a PDF of the organizer.  The organizers are for a large range of grade levels and are sorted by purpose.  The tools are sorted into categories: Classroom Management, Opening Activities, Checks for Understanding, Partner Practice, Group Practice, Independent Practice, Reading Strategies, Games, Closing Activities.  It would be so simple to choose a tool every week or month to integrate into your practice.  The tools also allow for an active learning component, clarifying your thinking, supporting your thoughts with evidence, etc.  that align with practices that we know are important for students to engage in.

I am so happy that I found this resource and am excited to think about its impact in our classrooms!