Current Events and Differentiation in one!

Have you ever wanted your students to read current events or non-fiction, but they have struggled with the text level?  I think NewsELA may have an answer.  NewsELA is a free site with news articles in different categories.  Each article can be read in up to 5 different Lexile levels.  Now, Free Technology for Teachers has added another level of practicality…Google Docs.  How cool would it be for students to comment in the article or collaborate on a topic in a GoogleDoc?  I am excited about the possibilities.  


If you were thinking about tinkering with the new Google Classroom, that may also be an option to integrate NewsELA with ease.  


Check out the article from Free Technology for Teachers and look into NewsELA…Great stuff and an easy way to use Google Docs or Google Classroom, all while challenging the reading levels of your students.

Free Technology for Teachers article: